Corneli Systems Inc., offers Telecom and IT Engineering Services, by matching our experienced professionals with the right projects and Clients.

Our Services include: RF Design and Planning, Network Optimization, Network Trouble Shooting,  End-to-End Performance, Project Management and IT Services.

  • RF Design and Planning
    • We perform design work green field sites, network expansion and over-lays; small cells (indoor and outdoor DAS) for various venues.
  •  Network Optimization
    • We offer both pre- and post-launched optimization, for achieving and maintaining networks key performance indicators (KPIs). A combination of network and user experience are leveraged to optimize networks, for short and long term.
  • Network Trouble Shooting
    • We audit networks for design flaws, parameter discrepancies / incorrect settings, capacity dimensioning and high traffic bottleneck.
  •  End-to-End Performance
    • Identifying and fixing core and access related issues, in the network.
  •  IT Services
    • Short and Long Term Contracting opportunities are available for Consultants nationwide.

Corneli Systems Inc., is a certified Women and Minority Business Company.